• Do you require a deposit? 
    • Yes, it is a “damage and loss” deposit. It does not apply to your rental fee. If you are a school or educational institution, please contact us directly for information about deposit terms. 
  • How long can I rent your package?
    • Our standard rental contract starts at 3 weeks. Additional fees may apply when extending the contract in weekly increments. 
  • Can I rent individual items? 
    • Yes. For individual items that are available for rent, please visit our Speciality Items page (coming soon!) 
  • When is my deposit due?
    • Your deposit is due at the time of contract signing. This is what locks in your rental package!
  • When is my final payment due?
    • It’s due 10 days before scheduled package pickup. 
  • What’s included in my rental package? 
    • It varies on the package. Please visit the individual show page for details.
  • Do you take credit cards? 
    • Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Admin fees may apply. We also accept Company or Cashiers Checks. 
  • I’m renting a full package. Can I get my costumes and / or props early?
    • Yes, for full package rentals we are happy to send costumes and / or props ahead of the scenery. Depending on availability, additional fees may apply.
  • What’s included in the rental fee? 
    • The rental fee includes the base contract fee, royalties, and warehouse fees. 
  • Are there separate transportation fees? 
    • You bet your bottom dollar! Shipping, trucking, and transportation arrangements and fees are the responsibility of the renter. 3DT gets competitive rates with shipping, contact us directly if you need assistance arranging your shipment.  
  • Do you need to approve our shipping methods?
    • Yes, we do need to approve all shipping methods. Please contact us for more information. 
  • Are there any additional fees? 
    • Anything’s possible! Contact us directly for more information. 
  • What about insurance? Do I need it? 
    • Yes, the renter will need adequate liability and property coverage. Additional coverage apply. For more information, please contact us directly. 
  • I need help with load-in. Do you provide crew and / or labor? 
    • No, but we can provide a 3DT Consultant at an additional cost. Some packages do require a 3DT Consultant. Travel, per diem and additional fees are required. 
  • I like this piece of Scenery or prop but I want to change the color / look. Can I change it? I promise to change it back. 
    • Scenery and props cannot be altered. 
  • My actor doesn’t fit the costume. Can I make alterations?
    • Minor alterations for fit and / or movement are allowed. Some costumes come “as is”. All costumes must be returned to the original condition prior to return. Contact us directly for more information. 
  • Are tights, dance briefs, and other undergarments included in your costume packages? 
    • Tights, hose, dance briefs, dance belts, dance bras, stockings, and all other “skin parts” shall be provided by the renter. These are not included in the rental package unless otherwise noted. 
  • Am I responsible for cleaning the costumes? 
    • This varies depending on the package that is rented. This will be discussed upon contract signing. 
  • Does my costume package come with shoes and accessories? 
    • Speciality shoes and accessories are included in some packages. Please refer to the specific show of interest for details
  • I received a broken prop / costume / set piece. What do I do? 
    • Please call us at (714) 589-2770 immediately! Per the rental agreement, you have 48 hours to contact us regarding any damaged goods before it becomes the responsibility of the renter. 
  • My choreographer loves to do knee slides! Is that ok?
    • We love knee slides too but unfortunately, no sliding of any kind is allowed in our costumes. This is to preserve our packages for as long as possible. 
  • I love this [insert lovable item here]! Can I purchase it from you?
    • We love it too! We do not sell any items. 
  • I am getting married! Can I rent items for my event?
    • Congratulations Dancing Queen! We unfortunately do not rent out items for special events. 

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