Into the Woods Overview

  • How is this package shipped? 
    • For the full package, Into the Woods is 2 53-foot enclosed trucks. If the turntable option is added, it will become 3 53-foot enclosed trucks. The truck rental fee is at the responsibility of the renter. This is an additional cost to the base rental fee. 
  • What does this package include? 
    • A full Into the Woods Package comes with Scenery (Turntable optional) and Props. For alternate options / packages, please contact us directly. 
  • Is the turntable really optional? I don’t need it for this show?
    • Correct! The turntable is optional. Our turntable page is coming soon!
  • I want to add the Turntable. 
    • A 3DT Tech Consult is required with this Turntable option at a four day minimum. This rate is not included in the base rental fee. Additional fees may apply. Please contact us directly for more information.
  • Are projections included in this package? 
    • We used projections in our production for the Giant, the second beanstalk and more. We currently don’t include projections in our package. Please feel free to contact our designers, friends of 3DT, Andrew Nagy. Contact info coming soon! 
  • How many crew members do I need to run the show?
    • For safety, we recommend 6 minimum, ideally 8, deck crew members and 2 rail people. This does not include wigs, dressers, props, or sound.
  • Are wigs included with this package?
    • No, wigs are not included at this time. This includes Rapunzel’s hair.
  • What is included in this package? 
    • For our scenery inventory, click here. Inventory list coming soon! 
  • I see a Sun and Moon, are they the same set piece or projection? 
    • No, these are individual units that are flown in and travel on a track.
  • What is your tallest piece of scenery? 
    • Our tallest piece is Rapunzel’s Tower at 17 feet tall. 
  • Is Granny’s bed a trick bed? 
    • Yes, it is. It’s a little bit scary, and a little bit not.
  • What Props are included?
  • Does Milky White and the Hen come with the package?
    • Milky White and the Hen are away to market. Please contact us directly to see when they might return. (hyperlink to contact)
  • Are those trained birds?
    • Yes, well trained by the hands of your crew members!  These birds are strung on fishing line from a line set of your choosing. They will come with the fishing line needed and the renter will need to string the birds. 
  • Does the Prince’s Horse come with the package?
    • Yes, Sea Biscuit is rarin’ to go! He is life sized so assistance will be needed for anyone to mount Sea Biscuit. 
  • The Prince and the Witch climb Rapunzel’s tower, is that hair included? 
    • Unfortunately, wigs are not included at this time. This includes Rapuzel’s hair.

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