Mamma Mia Overview

  • How is this package shipped?
    • For the full package, Mamma Mia is 2 53-foot enclosed trucks. The truck rental fee is at the responsibility of the renter. This is an additional cost to the base rental fee.
  • What does this package include?
    • A full Mamma Mia package comes with Scenery, Props, and Costumes. For alternate options / packages, please contact us directly.
  • How many crew members do I need to run the show?
    • For safety, we recommend 4 minimum deck crew members and 2 rail people. This does not include wigs, dressers, props, or sound.
  • What does this package include? 
    • For our costume inventory, click here. Inventory list coming soon! 
  • How does this package ship?
    • This package ships in 10 tall wardrobe boxes and 2 accessory tubs.
  • Will we be allowed to alter anything?
    • You are permitted to alter most costumes for size/movement and make needed minor repairs during your rental. The Dynamo costumes for Super Troopers and Finale are not permitted to be altered. Permanent alterations are not allowed. You may not alter the appearance of a costume and all costumes must be restored before you return them.
  • Are shoes/accessories included?
    • Jewelry for female leads and ensemble as well as shoes for the Dynamo outfits are included. The shoes are only in the listed sizes.
  • I’m going to have a larger cast and more tracks than are normally included for this show. Can you pull from stock to enhance this package?
    • We have some extra options for this package which are included/sent with the package. 
  • Are wigs included with this package?
    • No, wigs are not included.
  • Does this package include flippers? 
    • No, flippers are not included. We lost them while diving for the Pearl necklace! 
  • What is included in this package?
    • For our scenery inventory, click here. Inventory list coming soon! 
  • Can actors sit or stand on the Taverna tables?
    • Currently, this is not an option or safe so please don’t try it at home! 
  • Can I add the dock? 
    • The dock is not part of the current licensed script. It is optional and can be added for your opening and closing scenes. It is very heavy and requires additional offstage steel decking. Additional fees may be required. Please contact us directly for more information. 
  • Are the lights on the downstage units practicals?
    • Yes, and they are included in the package. 
  • Are the string lights on the Taverna trellis practicals?
    • Yes, and they are included in the package. 
  • I love the disco mirror balls! Are they included in the package?
    • Honey, honey! Yes!   
  • Do all the disco mirror balls spin?
    • Only a select few have motors and spin.
  • What Props are included?

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