Miss Saigon Overview

  • How is this package shipped? 
    • For the full package, Miss Saigon is 2 53-foot enclosed truck. The truck rental fee is at the responsibility of the renter. This is an additional cost to the base rental fee.
  • What does this package include?
    • A full Miss Saigon package comes with Scenery and Props. For alternate options / packages, please contact us directly.
  • How many crew members do I need to run the show?
    •  For safety, we recommend 6 minimum, ideally 8, deck crew members and 4 rail people. This does not include wigs, dressers, props, or sound.
  • What costumes are included? 
    • There is no costumes package available at this time. 
  • Are wigs included with this package?
    • No, wigs are not included at this time.
  • What is included in this package?
    • For our scenery inventory, click here. Inventory list coming soon! 
  • What about the helicopter? Do you have it? 
    • Yes! This will automatically come with your scenery package.
  • Do you have The Engineer’s Cadillac? 
    • Yes, and it’s pink!
  • Do you have the Ho Chi Minh statue? 
    • Yes, and once assembled, it is 14’ 7” tall! 
  • What Props are included?

Scenery & Props

Coming Soon!

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