Tarzan Overview

  • How is this package shipped? 
    • For the full package, Tarzan is 2 53-foot enclosed truck. The truck rental fee is at the responsibility of the renter. This is an additional cost to the base rental fee.
  • What does this package include? 
    • A full Tarzan package comes with Scenery, Props, and Costumes. For alternate options / packages, please contact us directly. 
  • How many crew members do I need to run the show?
    • For safety, we recommend 4 minimum, ideally 5, deck crew members and 2 rail people. This show has flight (ie: ZFX, FOY) and requires at least 6 operators. 3-D Theatricals does not provide the flight equipment or staffing. This does not include wigs, dressers, props, or sound.
  • What is in this costume package?
    • For our costume inventory, click here. Inventory list coming soon!
  • What does this costume package travel in?
    • This package travels in 2 gondolas and 10 tubs.
  • Will we be allowed to alter anything?
    • You are permitted to alter costuming for size/fit and make needed minor repairs during your rental. Permanent alterations are not allowed. You may not alter the appearance of a costume and all costumes must be restored before you return them.
  • Are wigs included in this package?
    • Wigs/Headpieces for Waiting on this Moment are included in this package.
  • Are shoes/accessories included with this package?
    • Shoes and accessories are not included in this package.
  • I want to include a character or role that I don’t see on this inventory. Can I get that added?
    • At this time, we are unable to build additional costumes.
  • I’m going to have a larger cast and more tracks than are normally included for this show. Can you pull from stock to enhance this package?
    • We do not have additional stock for this package.
  • Please note that the following items are not included with your rental:
    • Tights, stockings, Dance Briefs, Unitards (except where noted on the inventory), and all other “skin parts”.
  • What is included in this package?
    • For our scenery inventory, click here. Inventory list coming soon!
  • The carnivorous plant – how does it work?
    • It is moved by 2 crew members and operated by 1 who is inside. The side petals are pneumatic and the 2 tendrils are on pull sticks.
  • What Props are included? 
  • In your rental video, I see a “carnivorous plant” and not a spider as mentioned in the script.
    • That is correct! We had the carnivorous plant specifically built for 3DT’s production! Our production team just happened to be arachnophobic!

3DT’s Promo Video


Photos by Issac James

Scenery / Props

An Original Design by Stephen Gifford based on North African Art
Photos by Issac James

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